Styles for
Global People

CALAMAR interprets the lifestyle of modern men in a vertical structure; surprisingly new, consistent, and in line with the zeitgeist. That is because CALAMAR is like the men who wear it: uncomplicated, individual and straightforward.

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Urban City

A mix of classic elegance and casual charisma: whether a light knitted jumper or modern, urban shirts - the high-quality cotton sports jackets can be combined in many ways.

Casual Look

The urban casual look also closes a gap in the modern man segment. The collection hits the right mix of modernity and casual sportiness.

Inspiration, Milestones and Reminiscining

It was January 30, 1969. High above the London streets, the Beatles were giving their last live concert for a few invited guests on the rooftop of their Savile Row studio. In terms of fashion, the Fab Four also made history that day. Due to cool temperatures, John Lennon wore the fur coat of his wife Yoko Ono, while Ringo Starr was drumming in a bright red raincoat.

November 2018: almost 50 years later. Except this time, it’s not London but Berlin. Four musicians have come together for a „rooftop gig.” But in contrast to the Beatles, they are all at the very beginning of their career.

To ght the chill, they’re wearing warm wool coats and colorful lightweight jackets from the new CALAMAR Fall/Winter collection. Welcome to CALAMAR X COSBY.

Fashion and music have been inseparable since the 50s. From the very beginning, each side has in uenced the other. In doing so, they have de ned eras and inspired entire generations. The new CALAMAR collection takes up this energy-packed combination of sound and style. In it urban lifestyle blends with creative and casual impulses to form a synth-pop inspired collection. And all that from a family-operated company, whose brand is the perfect mix of sophisti- cation and responsibility.

We invite you to now take a look into the new CALAMAR Fall/Winter catalogue. Visit our fasci- nating locations in Berlin and get to know the talented and up-coming band members of Cosby. Discover our favorite pieces of the new collection and experience the lifestyle of a new (men’s) generation, who want more than just dressing nicely.