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camel active stands for casual, modern clothing with jackets, trousers, knitwear, shirts, and T-shirts, as well as accessories, shoes, and bags. Regardless of whether it’s a pulsing metropolis or wide landscapes – camel active inspires the discovery of new cultures and far-off lands. camel active meets the standards of modern men and women who like to be on the move outside.

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A woman with profile

Today Hamburg, tomorrow Mumbai. Kith. Kin. Career. A network of friends and activities, but it’s quite fine alone, too. Especially when you’re discovering the world for yourself. When you set off into the unknown, learn to understand what’s foreign, and swap the everyday for uncharted territory.

The camel active woman lives intensely, and dresses consciously and fashionably. Femininity meets functionality. Quality is desired, but not at any price. This is because quality of life comes first, and then the entire world..

Modern casualwear

Inspired by travel to faraway lands, camel active creates modern casualwear with quality demands that combine natural, high-quality materials with functional elements and fabrics.